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Player Registration FAQs

Q.  I registered my daughter online yesterday and forgot to add my husband as account holder 2.  Can I go back and add him even though the registration is complete?  He wants to sign up as a coach so I'd really like to do that..?

A.  Yes you can add your husband as an additional user.
1.  Login to Region 9's Sports Connect website at (click Login in the upper right corner).
2.  In the My Account screen you should see several icons in the upper right (a shopping cart, a bell, and what looks like a gear).  Click on the gear icon; scroll all the way to the bottom of the Account Holder 1: Primary Parent/Guardian Information page, and click on +Add additional Account Holder.
3.  After that is done you can click on the Volunteer tab and register your husband as a Volunteer Coach for the 2021 Fall Core Program in your child's Division (e.g. 10U Girls or whatever age group and gender your child is registered as a Participant). 

Q.  I am new to AYSO.  How do I register my child for the Fall 2021 season?
A.  Go to the Region 9 home page and click on the Register Now button in the upper right to create your Sports Connect user account, and to register players (aka Participants) and volunteers.  Detailed instructions for both players and volunteers can be found under the Registration tab on the Region 9 Home page.

Q.  My child played in Region 9 last fall (Fall 2019).  How do I register my child for the upcoming Fall 2021 season?
A.  Login to Sports Connect via the AYSO Region 9 website (click on Login in the upper right corner with the same username and password as last year).  If you registered your child last year, he or she should already be listed as a Participant.  Click on the green Programs Available button; select the appropriate age-group Division under 2021 Fall Core, do NOT select anything under 2021 Fall EXTRA unless your child has tried out for the Extra Program); and complete ALL registration screens up to and including the Payment screen.

Q.  I would like my daughter to be on the same team as her very close friend.  How can I make such a request?
A.  For the non-competitive Divisions where we have actual teams (6U, 7U and 8U) we try to honor such special requests (friends, ride-sharing, schoolmates, etc.).  We cannot guarantee all such requests, however; we do our best.

Q.  What do I do if I cannot pay the Registration Fee by credit or debit card?
A.  Complete the player registration process to the point where you are asked for payment (the Payment Information screen).  Leave the Participant Registration page at that point; your child's fee will remain in the shopping cart.  Either return to My Account (if you want to add another Participant/Player) or Logout of Sports Connect.

If you have more than one child you are registering, repeat the process, adding that child's registration to the shopping cart.

Unfortunately the way the new registration program is set up, unless you complete the entire registration process (including online payment) the program does not give you the opportunity to print out the AYSO registration form.

If possible, go back to My Account in Sports Connect, click on the Edit icon next to your child's name (it looks sort of like a pencil).  Use your browser's Print function (typically Ctrl-P) to print the 2-page Edit Participant Information and bring that with you (not required, if you have trouble printing that page).

Q.  I have completed the player registration process, including payment.  How do I print out the AYSO Player Registration form.
A.  Click on the My Account button in the upper right corner, then select the Participant (i.e. player) and Program; you should see an option to Print Registration Form.

Q.  What should I do if my child has or will be trying out for Region 9's Extra program?
A.  If a player has tried out for or will be trying out for an AYSO Extra team, do not select a "Core" Program Division unless you have been notified that your child was not selected for the Extra Program.  Extra players will be receiving instructions for registering in that program.

Q.  The Region 9 website/flyer/email says that the fee this year for the Core Program is $147.75.  When I go to sign up my child, the fee quoted is $125.00.  Which is it?
A.  The $125.00 is the Region 9 fee; when you complete the online registration process and go to check out you will see an additional $20.00 for the National AYSO fee and a $2.75 fee for SportsConnect, thus the total of $147.75.

Q.  I made a mistake in my child's online player application but did not catch it until after I had paid and the application had been accepted.  How can I change his/her name, gender, birthdate, etc.?
A.  Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for assistance.

Do you have a question not asked and answered here?  Contact us at [email protected]



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