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Team Banners and Gifts

Region 9 Guidelines for Team Banners and Team Gifts

Thank you for volunteering to make the banner! Below are some guidelines for its construction. Please keep the cost to around $25 – $30. Remember – the banner will be used for this season only because, in AYSO, teams are reformed and renamed each season.

The following materials are needed:

  • 72” wide felt in team colors
  • Material for team name, i.e. felt, fabric, fabric paint
  • Fabric glue
  • PVC: 1” diameter. (2) 6-foot long pieces, (1) 5-foot long piece, (2) corner joints (90 degree elbows)
  • Rebar: (2) 3-foot long pieces

Note: Because of the winds we frequently get at the Creek during the season, anything larger than the sizes above will become quite difficult to manage and can be dangerous if it gets caught up in the wind.

The fabric, glue, and paints can be purchased at a crafts store. The PVC and rebar can be purchased at any home improvement store or plumbing store.

The banner is made with approximately a 3-inch hem on both sides and the top so the PVC pipes can fit through. The top corners are cut out. Do not glue the corners because you will not be able to take the banner apart at the end of each game for easy storage. The three PVC pipes are joined with PVC corner joints. The two pieces of rebar are hammered into the ground at the proper width to place the PVC over and support the frame.

In addition to whatever design you choose for the team, the banner should include the team name, the first names of the coaches and the full sponsor name.

Please consider child safety when composing your banner.  Three items of concern are associating the child’s name, picture and jersey number. This provides too much information for anyone who may approach a child.  Do not associate a name with a picture or a name with jersey number.

Team Gifts

Keeping expenses down for our families is important. Below are the monetary guidelines as to what the Team Manager asks per player to help pay for end of season gifts for the Coach, Assistant Coach and Referee (7U – 19U only since 6U has no referees). The amounts listed below should be sufficient to purchase “tokens of appreciation”.

When you think about it, except for a 14U team with 14 or 15 players on the roster, a $5.00 donation from the Referee and the Assistant Coach and $10.00 from the rest of the team gives the team manager around $120.00 to spend on the Coach, Assistant Coach and Referee. There is no reason why a Team Manager should be asking for a $20.00 donation from each player on the team, especially when the Coach is her husband!

AYSO Region 9 Monetary guidelines:
6U : $10 per Family
7U & 8U: $15 per Family
10U – 19U : $10 per Family

Division Administrators: Please make sure that the coaches are aware of these guidelines and ask them to pass them along to their Team Managers. I will be reminding you all about the Monetary Guidelines again as we get towards the end of the season.

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