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How to Register as a Region 9 Volunteer

Please note that some of the screens you see during the Volunteer Registration process may differ slightly from the screen shots below (e.g. 2024 rather than 2017).

Sports Connect terminology:
Account Holder/User - this is an Adult member of the household who has created an Account in Sports Connect.  You only need 1 Account per household.  An Account may have Additional Account Holders, typically other adults in the household.  Do NOT create an Additional Account Holder for a youth (under 18) unless he or she plans to register as a Youth Referee.
Participant - this is only for youth players, not for any Volunteers and not for any Adults
Volunteer - this is only for Volunteers, Adult or Youth

CLICK HERE for a short instructional video, explaining how to check to make sure that you are properly registered as an AYSO Volunteer (including a completed Background Check) and that you have completed the required Safe Haven, Concussion and Cardiac online courses.


(Updated 06/13/2023) If you would like to Volunteer for a team-specific role (e.g. Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Team Referee) you will need to go through the Registration process for each role you choose.  Fortunately, most of the information that you are asked to provide (name, date of birth, picture ID, last 4 digits of your Social Security number, references, etc.) is saved after the first time you Register as a Volunteer.  You will be asked to e-sign and review your Volunteer Application Form for each role, but this is a fairly quick process.

For non-team-specific Volunteer roles (e.g. Board Member, Referee not affiliated with a specific CORE team (United is NOT Core!), etc.) please select the 2024 Fall Core  Program  and register for that role (not Head Coach) in any Division within the Program.  Unaffiliated Referees should register in a 6U Division so that you are not assigned to a 7U-14U team.

1a.  If you have already created a Sports Connect User Account (only 1 needed per household) skip to 1b.  If you are a new Sports Connect User follow the steps below:
 i.  Make sure you are on the Region 9 website:

ii.  Assuming that you are on Region 9's  Sports Connect  powered website and have not yet created a Sports Connect User Account, click on Register Now in the top right hand corner of the site.

iii.  Fill out the Create New Account section on the Login screen.  Then click on Create Account.

iv.  Fill out the Primary Parent/Guardian Information section, even if you are just registering yourself as a Volunteer. Be sure to use your LEGAL first name and last name, and that your date of birth is correct.  Otherwise your background check may not go through correctly.
*** Note *** The Address information should be your Home Address.

If you wish to add a Secondary Parent/Guardian (for an additional adult or youth Volunteer in your household), enter his or her information in the Secondary Parent/Guardian Information section and click “Create Secondary Account User & Continue”.  You can add additional Users to your Account at a later date.
If not, leave the area blank and click Submit

v.  You will see a screen which asks "Which best describes you?"
If you are registering a child as a youth Player, select the 1st option "I am a parent or guardian registering a participant".  You will have a chance to register yourself as a Volunteer, after registering your child(ren) as a Participant.
Only Players are Participants; Volunteers are not a Participant!
For a Volunteer who does not have a child playing, who just wants to register himself or herself as a Volunteer, select the 2nd option "I am a team coach or other team personnel".  Do not select the 3rd option; this would only be used by a Player/Participant who is age 18 or older.

1b.  Log in to Sports Connect, click on the My Account button (upper right part of your screen)

2.  Click on the Volunteer icon on the left side

3.  Click on the Find Volunteer Roles button near the upper right

4.  Select the Program you wish to volunteer for (normally this will be the 2024 Fall Core Program), then click View Roles.
For volunteers who do not have a child playing in Region 9, also select the 2024 Fall Core Program.

5.  For a team-specific role (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Sponsor) scroll down to find the specific Division your child's team will be in (e.g. 8UG) and click the Signup button next to the volunteer role you want to apply for.
If you selected the Fall 2023 Core Program,  you can choose any Division; you do not need to volunteer for the same Role multiple times.
***Important***  An adult (18 and older) volunteering to referee should choose the role of "Referee".  A youth (under age 18) should choose the role of "Youth Referee".

then scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click on the Continue button:

6.  Select the person who is to fill the Volunteer Role.  If the person is not yet a User in your Sports Connect account, select "Invite New Account User".
Each New Account User (including youth volunteers) must have an email address different from the Primary Account User.
Each New Account User (including youth volunteers) will receive an email invitation from the Primary Account User.
The New Account User must go to his or her email account, accept the invitation, and create a new username and password for their Sports Connect access.
A volunteer under age 18 (i.e. a Youth Referee) needs to be invited as a New Account User in order for him or her to be registered as a Volunteer.
Then click Continue:

7.  Complete all the information in the Additional Position Information screen (fields with a red star are required information)

then scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen; Accept the Waiver (it should read "Yes"!); and click Continue:

8.  You will be asked to E-sign the AYSO Volunteer Application Form:  click the box next to "I agree ..."
For an adult Volunteer (18 and older) click the circle next to "I am an adult ..."; then type your full legal name in the yellow Volunteer Signature box.
For a youth Volunteer (under age 18) click the circle next to  "I represent and warrant that I am the parent  ..." and eSign with the Parent/Guardian's full legal name.
Do not check both boxes!  Check the 2nd box only if you are the parent of a youth volunteer!
Scroll to the bottom, and click the Continue to Review button.  You will be asked to review the Form you just eSigned, then scroll to the bottom again and Submit signed volunteer application.

9.  You are not done yet!  Click the green Continue button, then in the next screen click on the green Click Here for Volunteer Verification Form button on the next screen.  Check off all three boxes, fill in your First Name and Last Name exactly how they appear on your AYSO Volunteer Application, enter your valid Social Security Number and click on Continue
By agreeing to a Background Check, you will receive an email from a company called Sterling (if you don't find this email in your Inbox, check ALL possible places in your email program).  Follow the directions in this email.  When asked about payment for the Background Check, choose "I will pay later"; Region 9 will pay this fee.
You should end up at your Volunteer screen again, which will show your name, your Role, and either "Pending" (if you are a new Volunteer) or "Eligible" (if you are approved as a returning Volunteer).
For detailed information about the background check process with Sterling, click here
Now you are done!

10.  You should now be done with the Volunteer Registration process.  If your First Name, Last Name and Birth Date matched your previous record, you should see your Volunteer Role as Accepted, with your existing AYSO ID #.  If you are a new Volunteer, or if your information did not match exactly, you will have a new AYSO ID # and there may be a delay before your application is Accepted

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