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Reminders and Updates

(updated 05/23/2023

Annual Region 9 Returning Referee Meeting  
For all Returning Referees -- 7U-14U AYS Core Referees, and United Team Referees.
I am trying something new this year: instead of combining information, half of which half of the audience is not interested in, we will concentrate on the information (changes to Laws of The Game, Improving Your Officiating, etc.) that returning referees are interested in.
And, we shall feed you!!
Wednesday August 16, 2023 7:00 – 9:00pm
Conejo Creek Park South
Janss Rd.
East off of CA 23.

The Annual Region 9 New Referee Meeting 
For all new referees -- new 7U-14U AYS Core Referees, and United Team Referees.
I am trying something new this year: instead of combining information, half of which half of the audience is not interested in, we will concentrate on the information (how to sign up for matches, referee points, etc.) that new referees are interested in.
This will be held:
Wednesday August 30, 2023 from 7:00 – 9:00pm
Los Robles Greens,
299 South Moorpark Rd,
South of The 101.

Fingerprinting is required by State Law in order to referee youth sports.
Here is the Region 9 Fingerprinting web page, updated as needed:


Region 9 Referee Program

We are extremely proud of our Region 9 Referee Program.  It is because of our referee VOLUNTEERS, that our kids are able to safely and properly learn the beautiful game of soccer. 

The Region 9 Referee Program consists entirely of VOLUNTEERS.  Our referees have sacrificed a significant amount of time to learn the laws of the game and the art of refereeing.  We welcome any and all who wish to become part of the Region 9 referee family to reach out and learn how you can help our mission.

The Region 9 Referee Program is led by a team of VOLUNTEERS on The Referee Staff. 
The Referee Staff consists of VOLUNTEERS -- instructors, schedulers, mentors, and others who are available to help the program run smoothly and effectively.

The Regional Referee Administrator is responsible for overseeing the program.  He's a VOLUNTEER, too!

Yes, the emphasis is deliberate!

Becoming a Referee
Have you volunteered to become a referee? Please see THIS PAGE for information!

Referee Training

Being a Region 9 Referee is an important responsibility.  You are responsible for helping our kids have a safe and enjoyable time on the field.  The only way that can happen is if you are adequately trained on your duties.  Your Region 9 Referee Staff is committed to helping you get all the training you need.

There are two types of Referee Training—Initial Training and Ongoing Training. 
Initially, to become a referee, you must follow an official AYSO training curriculum. 
That training can either be done online or in person depending on your personal preferences and availability.  Once you become a certified referee, you should take the opportunity to continuously improve as a referee.  This continuous improvement includes (i) the annual pre-season meeting that reviews law updates and other important information, (ii) Asking for referee mentors that can help you improve and to achieve your referee goals, and (iii) asking about advancements and upgrades (Intermediate and/or Advanced badges) to referee more competitive matches.

For more information on the Region 9 referee training opportunities, please see the Referee Training page 

Volunteer Registration

All Region 9 Referees (new and returning) must be registered as AYSO Volunteers for the current  season  If you are not yet registered as an AYSO Volunteer, please complete your online application via Sports Connect (the same website you used to register your child as a player).  Use the instructions at
Also, note that there are a few required online safety training courses as well as fingerprinting, because safety is important, and they are sometimes required by law.



Region 9 is proud of our referees and the Referee Program continually seeks to improve the quality of officiating for all AYSO matches to which we are assigned. Our dedicated volunteers referee for the players, for the spectators, and for the Good of the Game.

As a Referee, you are a very important part of the “AYSO Team”.  Along with Coaches and Parents, you play a vital role in making sure that each child has a Safe, Fair, and Fair experience in our soccer program.

Our games cannot proceed without referees. A game without referees is unsafe and fails to teach our players the proper aspects of the game.  To ensure games are staffed with trained referee teams ALL teams (except 6U) must provide at least one designated team referee (2 or 3 eases scheduling). Encourage your family members to become trained referees!.

For 7U and 8U games, the Team's Referee will officiate their own team’s match. 

The 10U, 12U & 14U games have three neutral officials: A Center Referee and two Assistant Referees. Team Referees do NOT officiate their own team's matches in those divisions. There are plenty of other matches all day long.

Contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Sean Donohoe, if you have any questions or need additional information about our Referee program.

Scheduling:  Please visit the Referee Scheduling page, log in, and select the games you can referee! Do note that to be able to self-schedule, you have to be registered in Region 9, up-to-date on all safety courses, as well as fingerprinting (working on dates for this) and background check.

Game Reports – Please report successes or problems from your game or field to the Referee Tent on field. If you remember something afterwards, please send an email to Sean Donohoe.

Additional Notes & Reminders

7U and 8U Teams

§  Referees should only sign up for their child’s game.

10U, 12U, and 14U Teams

§ Teams are expected to provide enough referees to meet the needs of the programs.  A Team Referee Point System has been established to encourage and reinforce the need for teams to supply an adequate number of referees to support the AYSO program (Click here to learn the details of the Team Referee Program).

§ 10U, 12U, and 14U Teams play in competitive leagues and therefore referees may not referee their own child’s game nor may they center referee for a match in the same division as their child.

Adult League Matches

§  You should be an AYSO Intermediate or higher Referee to do these games.  Qualified referees can earn Team Referee Points by doing an Adult League referee assignment.

§  USSF certification is no longer required for Adult League games.

§  Select "Extra League" or "Adult League" (Sundays) in the first "Division Playing:" drop-down box on the menu to more easily find these matches.

Game Cards
Game Cards are an official record of each game that referees are required to fill out.
This applies to ALL divisions except 6U.
For all divisions, players are required to play at least 3/4 of each match (unless the teams are created with more players). Players who don't play their fair share (one of AYSO's core philosophies) might not be having as much fun. It is the Assistant Referee's responsibility to record the substitutes on the bench of each "quarter."
For 8U, 10U, and 12U Core (not 14U or Extra), players are not allowed to play goalkeeper for a whole match. It is the Assistant Referee's responsibility to record the goalkeeper of each "quarter."
For Divisions 10U and up and Extra, it is very important to get the scores recorded correctly on BOTH cards because they may affect the standings in a tie-breaker situation.
For 7U and 8U, it is also to get them correct; we do not have standings for those divisions, but it helps in player ratings for the following seasons. And, it is good practice for refereeing the higher divisions. Please fill them out correctly. For details, read the Game Card Info page.

Need Help?

We have several people you can contact for questions, assignment changes or assistance with our Referee program:

§  Team Referees: For assignments or questions contact Brian Salzman

§  Schedule Changes – Fall League: For scheduling assignment changes contact Chris Gould

§  Schedule Changes – Adult League: For scheduling assignment changes or questions about these Leagues, contact Chuck Huffer

§  Administrative – For administrative issues or other referee questions, contact the Region 9 Referee Administrator Sean Donohoe.

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