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Volunteer Training

Training for all AYSO Volunteers (Coaches, Referees, Administrators, etc.) is now done through a website called AYSOU.

To get to the AYSOU website, go to the Region 9 Home page at and click on the AYSOU main menu link (between Team Central and Referees).  Login with your Blue Sombrero username and password.

*** Important ***  Check to make sure that AYSOU has your name and your AYSO ID# !!!
You should see your name in the upper right corner.
If you click on your name, then click on the My Account button in the next screen, the AYSOU User Name should match your AYSO ID#.
In some cases, when 2 or more individuals have registered as Users and Volunteers in the same Blue Sombrero Account, only the Primary Parent/Guardian's Blue Sombrero login will work in AYSOU.
If users are having problems logging into, a password reset of their Blue Sombrero account will usually resolve the issue. Here is a link on how to reset your password.
Only if that does not work, please contact the National AYSO office at [email protected] to request separate AYSOU logins for each User.  Include the following information for each User:
First and Last Names
Blue Sombrero username (do not include your password)
AYSO ID# (you should be able to find this in the Volunteers tab of My Account in Blue Sombrero)
It may take 2-3 days for the separate logins to be created.

*** Note ***  We have been told that Youth Volunteers (i.e. Youth Referees) need to create their own Blue Sombrero account (by clicking on the Register Now button in the upper right corner of the Region 9 web page); login to Blue Sombrero with that account username & password; then click on AYSOU in the Region 9 main menu.

Once you are logged in to AYSOU:

1.  for AYSO's Safe Haven and CDC: Concussion Course (required of all new Volunteers, and every 2 years for returning Volunteers) click on My Courses then click on the Open button for each of these free online courses.

2.  for Coach certification courses (e.g. 6U Coaching Training, Intermediate Coaching Training) and Referee Certification courses (e.g. Regional Referee Training) do not select one of the online courses under My Courses.  Region 9 requires that all Coach and Referee training be done through Live Courses.

For Live Courses:

1.  find the Region course dates under Coaches or Referees in the Region 9 menu bar

2.  in AYSOU's Live Courses tab search for the date you plan to take the course (e.g. 8/26/2017) then click on the Sessions button next to the course you want to take (e.g. 6U Coach).

3.  even though you have selected a specific date, you will still need to scroll through the entire list of dates and sites to find the local course you want (e.g. 201701134 - U-6 Coach - 10/E/0009 Thousand Oaks CA).  AYSOU is supposed to have a Search or Filter function in the near future so you don't need to scroll the entire list.  Hint:  use your browser's Search function for "10/E/0009".

4.  Click on the course title to see details (e.g. times, locations, prerequisites, etc.) then click on the Register button to complete your course registration.

You should get an email confirming your registration for the selected course.

If you are unable to attend a Coaching or Referee course locally (due to date conflicts) you can sign up for a course in a neighboring Region.  Use your browsers Search function to find courses in 10/E/ or in 10/W/

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