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Referee Scheduling

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(updated 7/24/2024)

To All Region 9 Referees:

We are using a new Referee Scheduling Program for the Fall 2024 season:  CGI Sports.  This change is being made for several reasons, and has been approved by Sean and by the Region 9 Board.  Please ... no groans, no cautions or send-offs.

ALL referees, whether you are new or returning, will need to set up a new user account in CGI Sports.  This is true even for those of you who may have used CGI for local Regions' tournaments or for Area 10E games.

There is a 4-page PDF file on our website explaining how to use CGI Sports for Referee Scheduling.
 The first 2 pages explain how to set up a new account in CGI.

Most fields in the online form are required, including a username and password that YOU create.  Also required is your AYSO ID#.  You can find this easily enough by logging in to your Sports Connect account; clicking on the My Account button near the upper right; then clicking on Volunteer along the left side.  Your ID Number is the 12-character item just below your name:   nnnnn-nnnnnn

You can select one or more 10U-14U teams that you represent.  If you represent more than one team, press the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard as you select your teams from the list.  Contact the referee staff if you want to add or change the team(s) you represent.

Sean or I will have to approve your user account before you can start scheduling. 

Referees who have met all 5 requirements below will have access to the referee self-scheduling program.  Contact Chuck Huffer if you cannot access self-scheduling and you are sure that you have indeed met all requirements.

You can access Region 9's CGI Sports program at
Once the 10-week game schedule has been uploaded, you can start the process; instructions are on pages 3 and 4 of the above document.  At the moment there is a temporary week1 schedule in the system, there only to supply a list of all 10U-14U teams.  You cannot self-schedule for these week1 games.

I know that there will be LOTS of questions as we start to use CGI.  Before you ask Sean or me, try using the Help system.  CGI should be fairly easy to use; it's been successful with other Regions.  And there are certain to be a few tweaks that Sean or I need to make as we get started.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Standby program.

The Referee Self-Scheduling program will be available only to those volunteer referees who:

1. Are registered AYSO Volunteers for the current MY2024 season (via Sports Connect; click here for detailed instructions) and who have a completed, satisfactory background check (Risk Status = Green for Adults, Blue for Youths).
2. Have completed online AYSO Safe HavenConcussion Awareness, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest training  via AYSOU; click here for detailed instructions.
3. Have completed online SafeSport training (adult-aged referees only)click here for detailed instructions, under SafeSport
4. Have completed Fingerprinting (adult-aged referees only) via an AYSO-approved fingerprinting site. See THIS PAGE for more information.
5. Are AYSO-certified as a Referee:
Regional Referee, Intermediate Referee, Advanced Referee, or National Referee Badge.  
Click here for details about Regional Referee training. The 8U Official Course is not sufficient as Region 9 differs a lot from the National Guidelines!

If you are unable to use the self-scheduling program, it may be because you are not current with one of the above requirements.

To check your certifications:
1.  Login to Sports Connect
2.  Go to your Account, then click on the Volunteers tab (left side of the screen).  
If you are a returning volunteer then you should see your Risk Status and your most recent certifications listed here.  New certifications will also appear here as completed for all Volunteers.

Be sure to update all of these items as soon as possible, then let Chuck Huffer know so that we can restore your access to the self-scheduling program.  Restoring your access is a manual process, so give Chuck a little time to respond to your e-mail.

You may sign up for Standby assignments when they become available. They will be available when all of the "Ranking 4" (AR for 10U and 12U) are completely filled. Standby assignments are those with "Stby" in the Field # column of the self-scheduling program.
Standby Assignments require one's presence at the Ref Tent for the entire 1.25 hours. Standby Assignments require the Referee to be in full uniform available to substitute for an absent or injured referee, or to handle other Ref Tent duties as needed.

Quick Links

  • ALL Region 9 referees, returning and new, must create a new User Account in CGI Sports.
    Click here for instructions on how to use CGI Sports for referee scheduling
    Contact Chuck Huffer if you have questions.
  • Schedule Yourself for Center Referee or Assistant Referee assignments for:
    • 10U-14U (10U-14U and United Referees get points only for 10U and above matches.)
    • Adult League games (if qualified)
  • If you are new to this program, please read the Referee Scheduling Instructions
  • Contact Chuck Huffer at [email protected] if you questions or problems with the Referee Scheduling Program.

Notes & Reminders

    • Review all of the information we have, and update as necessary.
    • We especially want to be sure that we have correct contact info (e-mail address, phone number); your correct AYSO referee badge level; and an appropriate Referee Rating.
    • Contact the Region 9 Referee Administrator if you feel your Referee Rating should be changed.

7U and 8U Team Referees do not need to use the Referee Scheduling Program.
When your team is scheduled as the Home team, you or another qualified referee on your team is responsible for officiating that game.

10U, 12U, 14U and United Team Referees will get credit for their Team by signing up for 10U, 12U, 14U or Adult games for which you are qualified.
Also, if you are a Team Referee for more than 1 team, you must sign up for and complete 1 Center or 1 AR assignment per week for EACH team you represent. Signing up for 2 assignments on the same game or at the same time will not work!

Need Help?

Please refer to the Referee Scheduling Instructions page first. It covers the questions most frequently asked about the scheduling system. If you have questions not answered by the Instruction page, we have several people you can contact for questions, assignment changes or assistance with our Referee program:

  • Team Referees – For assignments or questions contact the Region 9 RRA Sean Donohoe.
  • Schedule Changes – Fall League: For scheduling assignment changes contact Chuck Huffer
  • Schedule Changes – Adult Leagues: For scheduling assignment changes or questions about this League, contact Chuck Huffer
  • Administrative Issues – or other referee questions, contact the Region 9 RRA Sean Donohoe.

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