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Referee Points

2021 TEAM REFEREE Guidelines
(updated 9/2/2021)

Our games cannot proceed without referees. A game without referees is unsafe and fails to teach our players the proper aspects of the game. To ensure games are staffed with trained referee teams ALL teams (except 6U) must provide at least one designated team referee (2 or 3 eases scheduling). Encourage your parents to become trained referees !

Team Referee Point System*

Click here to see the Team Referee Points for U10 – U14 teams, plus Extra teams.
This list is usually updated within a few days after each Saturday’s games.

To provide incentives for teams to provide team referees, our point system has been improved and those points will be calculated in the overall standings and will be included in determining which teams advance to area playoffs.

U7/U8 Referees:
The Home team's referee is the sole referee for the match. Coaches will handle game cards for substitutions, goalkeeping, and goals scored. Referees will keep a separate record of goals scored in a match wallet, and sign the cards, and turn them in to the referee tent.
Away team referees: please keep your ref kit close by, in case of a no-show or injury.

10U-14U Referees:
The Team Referee System, follows a “provide-what-you-use” approach. In other words, each week, every team “uses” 1.5 referee resources per game (3 referees per game divided by two teams).

Teams will receive points in the standings for referees as follows:

  1. Teams can earn a maximum of 15 referee points during the season
  2. Teams can earn a maximum of 2 referee points per week.
  3. Referee points can be earned by as many different referees as you have representing your team (limited by the two rules above).
  4. A team must receive at least eight (8) referee points during the season to qualify for area playoffs and to be awarded trophies.
  5. A referee will earn 2 points for completing a Center Referee assignment and 1 point for completing an Assistant Referee assignment.
  6. If all referee positions are filled for a particular Saturday, an opportunity to earn 1 referee point will be offered to referees who sign up for a “stand-by” slot (see below).
  7. Referee points can also be earned by referee during Region 9’s Adult League and Extra League games that play on Sundays. These spots require more experience, though. Every effort should be made to fulfill your points on Saturdays.  However if all slots are full on Saturday, Sundays are an option.

*Team Referee Points only apply to our competitive age divisions (10U, 12U, 14U).

Important: Team Referee Points will updated each week. After two weeks, these referee points become final. If there are any challenges to the published referee points, those challenges must be raised with the referee staff no more than two weeks following the week in question

Extra Team Referees:
Every Home Extra Match has three experienced referees from our Region's referee pool. 
Therefore, on weekends when each Extra team is home, that Extra Team will fill three referee spots at 10U/12U/14U/Extra/Standby matches. (Not U7/U8.)
Points may also be earned at Adult League matches on Sunday.

Stand-by Spots:
Stand-By slots are opened once all other similar slots are filled.
Stand-by Referees shall stay at the tent and used as needed for the whole time the spot requires. needs can include:
Filling in for a referee who doesn't show.
Filling in for a referee who gets injured.
Be responsible for tent administration when Staff is away.
Get more ice and water from the Snack Shack.
Handing out water for referees at their halftimes.

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