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United/Extra Player Registration

Online Registration Instructions for United and Extra Players

Added 4/24/2017:  Please make sure that your Participant/Player's first and last name, gender, and date of birth are correct on the Add New Participant web page before you click the Continue button.  Once you click that button, you cannot make any correction ... nor can we at the Region level!!!  We have to contact our National office to make corrections, a process that takes 24-48 hours.

Region 9 started using a NEW Player Registration system (Blue Sombrero) for the Fall 2017 season, replacing the eAYSO program which many of you are familiar with.  The same program is being used for the Fall 2018 season.

Whether you are brand new to AYSO or have been participating for years (as a parent or as a volunteer ... or both) EVERYONE must Create a New Account the first time you use this new system.

Please read all instructions below to learn how to register your son or daughter as a Player, and how to register yourself as a Volunteer.  Please note that the actual screens you see may differ somewhat from the screen shots below.


Steps to complete online registration:

  1. Make sure you are on the Region 9 website:
    If you are a returning family or volunteer, do NOT try to register via eAYSO!

  2. Assuming that you are on Region 9's  Blue Sombrero powered website and have not yet created a Blue Sombrero User Account, click on Register Now in the top right hand corner of the site.

  3. If you already have a User Account (even if you have not yet added a child or yourself as a Participant) click on Login.


  4. Fill out the Create New Account section on the Login screen (unless you have already created a Blue Sombrero account).
    Then click on Create Account.

    If you have previously created an account and registered on this specific website, then log in under the Sign in Here link.

    Can't remember your username or password? Click the 'Forgot Username or Password' link to have these items sent to the email address you previously used to create this account.
    Fill out the Primary Parent/Guardian Information section. Be sure that your first name, last name, and date of birth exactly match what you had entered in previous years in eAYSO.  If you are not sure (e.g. Bill or William) go to to check.  Do not use eAYSO to try to register a Player or a Volunteer for the Fall 2018 season!

  5. If you wish to add a Secondary Parent/Guardian (to receive copies of emails; to register as an additional Volunteer in the household), enter his or her information in the Secondary Parent/Guardian Information section and click “Create Secondary Account User & Continue”. Again, first name, last name and date of birth must match what is in eAYSO exactly.  You can add additional Users to your Account at a later date.
    If not, leave the area blank and click Submit. *** Note *** The Address information should be your Home Address.



6a.  You will see a screen which asks "Which best describes you?"
If you are registering a youth Player, select the 1st option "I am a parent or guardian registering a participant".
For a Volunteer who does not have a child playing, who just wants to register himself or herself as a Volunteer, select the 2nd option "I am a team coach or other team personnel".

6b.  Fill out the Add a New Participant section with your child's information
Be sure that your child's first name, last name, and date of birth exactly match what you had entered in previous years in eAYSO.  If you are not sure (e.g. Susie or Susan) go to to check.  Do not use eAYSO to try to register a Player or a Volunteer for the Fall 2018 season!
Make sure your son or daughter's birth date is set correctly or it might not fall within the correct AYSO Region 9 Division
Double-check that the name, gender and birthdate are correct!  Once you leave this page the information cannot be changed or corrected!
Click on Continue


6c.  You can add additional Participants/Players at a later date from the My Account screen.
At the far right side of the black Participants bar is a circle with 3 dots inside.  Hover over that to Add Participant.

7.  Select the 2018 Fall AYSO United Program or the 2018 Fall Extra Program (available for online registration after April 15th).  Click on the +Register button next to the appropriate Division (e.g. 2004 Girls; 2009 Boys); it should change to Selected.
You may see 2 United or Extra Divisions to choose from for your son or daughter.  For instance, if your daughter was born in 2005 you will see both 2004 Girls and 2005 Girls in the United Program.  Be sure to select the correct Division/Team; it may be difficult to change this once you have finished Registration.  If you are not sure, contact your child's coach or Doug Huemme (for AYSO United) or Rob Wynner (for Extra).
If your child has tried out for an EXTRA or AYSO United team, do not select a Division in the 2018 Fall Core Program.

Click on Continue.


 8a.  Fill out all Program Information needed for ...  Fields with a red star are required information.
Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and check both of the "I accept the waiver" boxes.
Click on Continue.

8b.  E-signature for ...
Check the appropriate box and circle as the parent of the player, then type in your name as an electronic signature.
Ignore the "I am an adult ..." check box, circle and signature box unless you are a player 18 or older.
Scroll to the bottom of the Application page; click on the Review button.
Carefully review all information on the Application for accuracy, then scroll to the bottom of the page again and click the Accept button.

9.  Sign up to volunteer on the Volunteer Selection page.
Choose the Volunteer position you’re interested in, and you will be prompted to complete information about the volunteer position.
Detailed instructions for Volunteer Registration can be found here.
Choose Continue

10.  The last screen is the Registration Summary screen.
Player Registration for the United and Extra Programs is a 2-step process:  Tryout and Registration.
Even though your child has already tried out for a team (and presumably been accepted) you will see a $0 Tryout Fee in this screen.
Click Continue to go to the Donation screen.  Select a donation amount or click "I do not wish to contribute at this time"; click Continue again.
No payment is due at this point.  Nonetheless you need to confirm the Billing Address; click Continue; click Continue one more time, then the Complete Order button.

Region 9 will be notified about your order.
Within a day or 2 you should get an email letting you know that you daughter or son has been accepted onto a United or Extra team.  There will be a link in that email, taking you back to Blue Sombrero, where you will step through several of the already-completed registration steps until you get to the Payment screen.  Only credit or debit card payments can be accepted online.  Be sure to click on the "Accept or decline position" button next to your child's name in Blue Sombrero:

If you have another child you wish to register for the Fall 2018 Core Program, we would suggest that you wait to do so until you receive the "Made the Team" email for your United or Extra player.

If you have more than one player to register, you can do so from the My Account screen (click on Back to My Account (upper left, just under Dick's TSHQ); click on the 3 dots inside a circle (to the right of "Participants:") and click Add Participant.

Be sure to complete all steps #6 through #9 above for every child you want to register.

After you have all your Participant/Child(ren) entered, review your Registration Summary, (which should include the United or Extra Program fees, plus fees for any children registered in a Core Program Division); select your Payment Type, enter in Address and Payment Information, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, and then select Submit Order.
If you cannot pay online, stop the Player Registration at this point.  
We are still working out the details for those who cannot pay by credit, debit or prepaid debit card, but you must pay with cash or check at the United walk-in registration (date and location to be announced) or the Extra walk-in registration (early May date to be announced).


11.  If you plan to pay later, either online or in-person with cash or check, make sure your shopping cart has the correct number of items (1 item per player).
Click on the Shopping Cart icon, then click Continue.
Press the Continue button at the bottom of each of the screens:  Program Information needed for; The following positions are available (Volunteer); Registration Summary (the Pay in Full amount should be $135 x number of players); and the Donation screen.
You may pay by cash or check during the walk-in registration; checks should be made payable to AYSO Region 9.

After you summit your order, you will be brought to a Registration Order Summary page. You will also receive a confirmation email, detailing your registration; that email will serve as your receipt.

13.  You just completed the online registration process!

Need more help? Check out the Blue Sombrero Parent Registration FAQs

For questions specific to AYSO Region 9 contact our Registrar at [email protected]

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