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(Updated 7/25/2022)
For Coaches who did not email their Practice Time request on July 24th, at this point it’s first come first served. Check the Practice Schedule to see what is open and send requests via email to [email protected]. We will not make any changes (i.e. move coaches from their assigned times) to accommodate any coach that did not email at their assigned time.

If we do not hear from the coaches by Friday 7/29/2022  (via email at [email protected]) we will randomly assign teams into available practice times. 

If you have questions or need more information contact Doug by email at [email protected]  


 The Region 9 Practice Lottery will be was held on Sunday afternoon, July 24, and will be conducted online only starting at 2pm. 

This will be the only chance for Team Coaches (or their designee if they are unable to attend) to choose their practice times for the upcoming fall season.  If you do not email your preference we will assign your team a practice time after all other coaches have made their selections.

 Please keep the following in mind:

  •  It's online.  Teams will be assigned selection times in increments (2:00, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, etc.) based on age divisions. We will be updating the Practice Schedule that is posted at the Region 9  website in real time.
    Note:  click on the Lottery Order tab at the bottom of this spreadsheet to see what order you can choose your team's practice time.
    Click on the Field Maps tab to see a map of the practice fields.

    We recommend you check the schedule 10 minutes prior to your selection time and then send your email (use the email template below) with your preferred 3 times.
  •  It's Random:  You may be among the 1st 5 coaches in your group to choose, or you may be among the last 5. We select the order randomly. 
  •  Flexibility and Adaptability are essential:  With so many teams, not everyone can practice Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00pm or 6:00pm.
  •  Practice Days:   Monday through Friday; practice times are ONE HOUR LONG and start times are on the hour (4:00, 5:00, 6:00, etc.) for all U12 and younger teams. U14 and older teams will start on the half hour (5:30, 6:30, etc.). 
  • Be Prompt: Email your selections at the exact time you are assigned. You will receive a confirmation email that we received your selections.
  • Lottery order: The list of teams and lottery order will be posted here (see below) by Thurs July 21st.
  • Field Maps: Field maps with numbers assigned to each practice field can be found at this link (scroll down to the 2nd Practice Field map) . You will provide field numbers that correspond to your preferred times.

It will help if you:

  •  Know your assigned Team Number (e.g. 07UB03 or 10UB19).
  •  If you are not the Team Coach, know his or her name ("Coach Bob" won't be enough to help us if needed).
  •  Have a few different options on practice days and times.  You might not get your first choice!


  • If you have questions or need more information contact Doug by email at [email protected]  
  • Don’t see your team number on the lottery list?  Email Doug immediately!

 Email Template (copy & paste the following into your email):

Team Number (e.g. 07UB01, 10UG13):  __________
Coach's Full Name:  __________________________
Age Division (e.g. 7U, 10U):  _____
Number(s) from the Practice Grid (1-245):
1st choice(s):  _____
2nd choice(s):  _____
3rd choice(s):  _____


  • For teams that practice on multiple days, you must choose Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday.
    You can’t pick Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Wednesday.
    The only exception is if you choose a Friday, you can select any other open day.
  • Each choice should have one (1) number for a 7U or 8U team; two (2) numbers per choice for 10U-18U teams.
  • You may only pick within your age division (U7/8, U10, U12, U14 and older)
Send your email to Doug at [email protected]

2022 Coach Lottery Selection Order
Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30
7U/8U 07UB08 08UB06 07UB10 07UG02 08UB13 08UG08
07UB09 07UB04 08UB03 07UG10 08UG01 08UG09
07UG04 07UG09 07UG01 07UB11 07UB07 08UG10
07UB02 08UB08 07UG05 07UB03 08UB11 08UB01
08UG05 07UB06 08UB02 08UB14 07UG03 07UG07
07UG06 08UG03 07UB05 08UB05 08UG02 08UB07
08UB04 08UB12 07UG08 08UB09 08UB10 08UG07
08UG06 08UB16 08UG04 08UB15 07UB01

U10 10UB03 10UB04 10UB08 10UB07 10UG11 10UB11
10UG09 10UB05 10UB13 10UG06 10UG08 10UB01
10UG10 10UG12 10UG02 10UG05 10UB14 10UB10
10UB02 10UG07 10UB16 10UG01 10UG13 10UG04
10UB15 10UG14 10UB06 10UB09 10UG03 10UB12
U12 12UB04 12UG01 12UB01 12UG04 12UB06 12UB03
12UB08 12UG02 12UB02 12UG05 12UG03 12UB05
12UG06 12UB07
U14 14UB02 14UB01
14UG02 14UG01

Updated 7/21/2022


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